Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One Run Wonder

Maddie did not have as good a weekend as her sisters. She only ran clean one out of 6 attempts. But it was a super nice run!

We definitely need to get back into agility class which we are on October 7th. Not enough excitement on my field to challenge her like a trial does. Class on chilly evenings with an audience should help. Lately, she has been flying out of chutes and tunnels like a cannonball and running past whatever the next obstacle is. That is our most common problem. Until we are back in class, we will be practicing lots of tunnels to weave poles and chutes as the second to last obstacle. Silly hound!

09-28-2015 Update! Maddie QQed yesterday! Of course, there is no video evidence of this, but she did! Ran really well both days!