Monday, January 19, 2015

ORKC Trial - Maddie

Maddie completed both Novice titles at the ORKC Trial in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago.  It is nice to have that level out of the way.  On to Open level... I hope we can knock it out quickly too.

Here are Maddie's two qualifiying runs from that trial.  Her second run on the video (Jumpers) was perfect!  It was first thing in the morning and the ground outside was still frozen so there was not playing or exercising Maddie prior to her run.  I have noticed that Maddie doesn't wake up crazy.  That it takes her some time to wake up and get going. So I did very little with her so she would stay sleepy and brought her straight to the rings, did a light warm up, and took her to the start line.  It worked perfectly!