Monday, November 10, 2014

Riley's Latest Comeback

Riley is in the process of making her latest comeback. Her toe has been doing well, but not without lots of concern and threats to just take it off.  So far I'm glad I stuck with it because it has been holding up to Riley's wear and tear as she gets back to activity.
I definitely have mixed feelings about cutting her nails back so short. I still think cutting the nail on the dislocated toe back to the hairline was probably wise and I plan to keep it super short for the rest of her life. Getting rid of the length of the nail really takes off a tremendous amount pressure from the toe. But my vet cut all of the nails on that foot very short so I had a entire foot of quicked nails to deal with and they grew back very slow.  The first week or two that Riley was allowed to start back to activity, I had to deal with nails bleeding again. I had to keep her off of concrete and gravel. It was very aggravating. Now that we are well past that, it is nice that the nails are very short especially since there is a toe that is permanently damaged on that foot. I am finally able to dremel them again.

Riley's first agility trial back is November 22nd. Wish us luck!