Monday, September 15, 2014

Maddie Agility Match

A week or so ago, Maddie had the opportunity to participate in an agility match. I actually hosted it as a fundraiser for the Road Trip Home Animal Rescue group after one of our local agility trials. Agility match for Maddie and we raised $1,390 for RTH!  An evening well spent!

Maddie had some really fantastic moments.  My favorite is in the first run. She is feeling pretty wild, but she collected herself and nailed the weave poles. In our second run, I was not very pleased with her zoomies, but in Maddie's defense, I was running around crazy making sure the match was running smoothly.  Maddie should have had a lot more exercise earlier in the day. In the third run, I wanted to make sure she got on the dog walk, table, and went through the chute.... and she did!
Maddie had another match on October 18th and I may have accidentally entered her in a trial or two. I don't think she is ready for a full slate of classes, but with Riley out I thought I might attempt a soft debut.


Janette Ash said...

Oh, my heavens, if I didn't know better I would think this was a video of our fun matches. That is exactly what I have been dealing with all summer. Lilly takes off in zoomies whenever in a new environment. At this point I just try my best to call her back, reward with treats and praise when she returns and then try to finish the course. Any tips on how to deal with it better. What is your training strategy with Maddie? Maddie looks wonderful, so full of beans, but clearly enjoying herself. Thanks for sharing and best of luck in October, I know you will do well. Also congratulations on your fundraising effort.

Hazel said...

In my mind I could picture you having to be in charge of this event! All the work and business and energy! Then I think of you trying to be calm for Maddie and I think it's a wonder that the two of you weren't flying above the ground with your energy and her energy!
Fun video, Jen!

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

Oh I feel your pain on the zoomies! Kili's last trial was a small disaster. Fortunately we were able to pull it back together by the end, but it was really frustrating. You're lucky in AKC that you can run them with a flat collar on. In AAC they have to run completely naked... nothing to hold onto once they come back! I love how when Maddie is not zooming she celebrates WITH you. Kili's celebrations tend to be more of the zoomie variety (which is acceptable to me as a reward if that's what she finds rewarding... so long as it is on my terms). She loves to jump up on me too, but I love how that is Maddie's reaction to your "Yay!". Very cute. She looks great aside from the moment of madness (heck, they look GOOD doing zoomies... just not in the way we would like!)

joyce j said...

i am very late to the party….but what i see is that her zoomies look directly related to your having her lie down after the AF. she was totally avoiding going on because of your punishment/time out. and standing there with your hand on your hips sent all the wrong messages to her. i am so so happy that you are showing the videos…we can all learn from watching video. all handlers should video their runs then really look at what happened out there. maddie is wonderful…i have only seen a greyhound at agility once. they are so beautiful to watch!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Joyce, Wow.... you are 2+ years late made a LOT of assumptions. #1 I have NEVER EVER had one of my greyhounds lie down as a punishment. She simply offered a down during her excitement. #2 She zoomed because she had been in a crate all day during the trial and the match was after the trial later that evening. I knew I was going to be in trouble. I don't think hands on my hips has messed her up.