Monday, September 15, 2014

Maddie Agility Match

A week or so ago, Maddie had the opportunity to participate in an agility match. I actually hosted it as a fundraiser for the Road Trip Home Animal Rescue group after one of our local agility trials. Agility match for Maddie and we raised $1,390 for RTH!  An evening well spent!

Maddie had some really fantastic moments.  My favorite is in the first run. She is feeling pretty wild, but she collected herself and nailed the weave poles. In our second run, I was not very pleased with her zoomies, but in Maddie's defense, I was running around crazy making sure the match was running smoothly.  Maddie should have had a lot more exercise earlier in the day. In the third run, I wanted to make sure she got on the dog walk, table, and went through the chute.... and she did!
Maddie had another match on October 18th and I may have accidentally entered her in a trial or two. I don't think she is ready for a full slate of classes, but with Riley out I thought I might attempt a soft debut.