Thursday, July 17, 2014


Like Seven, Riley also knocked out her 39th double qualifier on day one of a 4-day agility trial. I had thought it would be fun if they both earned their second Master Agility Championship on the same day or at the same trial, but it did not happen. Riley wanted her own trial.
Riley qualified in Jumpers everyday, but we just did not have lots of luck in the Standard class. A dropped bar or bad handling on my part. Seven benefited from me getting to practice with Riley before her runs because Riley was first in the running order. Here are Riley's runs:


houndstooth said...

Riley deserves her own trial! She looks fantastic, even if she didn't go all the way!

Hazel said...

Those rules just don't allow for the wonderful and beautiful Riley to show off and still win!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Riley will always be a winner to me :) I don't blame her for wanting a winning trial to herself though. Can't wait to see that blog post, I'm sure it won't be far away!