Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Confession...Reagan does not live with us anymore. I honestly was not going to post about it figuring the readers would forget about her eventually. But she is doing so awesome and has found her place to really shine. I just have to blog about it.
Long time readers will remember that I adopted Reagan straight off the farm as a 10 month old pup back in 2008. She was extremely talented in agility, but her career was cut short because she became terrified of my van that stem from noise sensitivities and phobias. As you know, I tried everything from counter conditioning with a Manners Minder, to insulating the van to reduce noise, medication, consulted a behaviorist from Tufts University, and considered selling the van, but then she showed the tendency towards other vehicles. It was just not to be. Unfortunately, that meant no more trips to the training field or to competitions. No more hikes or weekend trips. She would hide from me when I started to prep the dogs for an outing.
At the time, that was okay. My husband had three senior greyhounds that stayed home with Reagan. Stephen drove a vehicle that was more acceptable (she still would shake and hunker down, but at least she would jump in willingly) and he would take the four dogs to a hiking spot 10 minutes from our house.
Over the summer, Stephen lost his last two greyhounds, Stacker and Allie. Suddenly, Reagan was home alone... A LOT. After work and on the weekends, Riley, Seven, and Maddie load up into my van and we go hiking, training, or competing almost every single day so Reagan sat home missing all of the activity and fun!
Well, my awesome friend, Stefanie, and her husband, Tom, often babysat Reagan when I was away at agility trials. Stefanie often joked about us not picking Reagan up. "Reagan who? There is no Reagan here." I finally asked one day... "You are joking, right?" She said no. So after some discussion with our husbands, I did not pick up Reagan the last time.
And it has been great! We all knew that Reagan fit in well at their house and got along well with their greyhound, Wilson, but I think none of us had any idea how great of a fit she would be for them and vice versus.
For one, Reagan has Wilson as a companion and never has to be alone, but I think it has become evident that her personality really comes through in a smaller group. In a larger group at my house, Reagan did not play with toys and she was protective of her space, often growling at the others. Now she plays with toys and is silly and goofy. She is also allowed on the furniture and she has become quite the cuddle bug.
Reagan gets to take walks around the neighborhood, but Stef also drives a vehicle that Reagan finds bearable and takes her to the barn she boards her horses at. Stef had been hesitant to get a 2nd greyhound because she wanted a dog that could hang out when she fed the horses. The pastures are fenced, but it is 40 acres and a lot of space to not have control over a dog that explores and tests fence lines. Well, Reagan is not very prey driven, sticks close to Stefanie, and happens to be extremely well trained. Reagan pretty much follows Stefanie around the farm as she does her chores and gallops a couple of loops in the pastures.
Stef also has some agility equipment in her backyard so it is very cool that Reagan gets to practice some of what I taught her and that someone has fun and use for her training.  Sometimes we still get together so I can show Stef what Reagan knows.  Probably time for another session, Stef!
So that is a glimpse of Reagan's new life. I still get to see Reagan on a regular basis. She comes back to my home when Stefanie and Tom are out of town and Stefanie and I hike with all of our hounds a couple of times a month. Plus Stef regularly texts me funny stories and pictures. I am just so thrilled for her new life!

Thank you, Stef and Tom, for loving Reagan so much!