Monday, September 16, 2013

Mad Dog Match

Another exciting piece to our last agility trial is that there was an agility practice (match) Saturday evening after the event was over. The best part was that they had a match in both rings, Standard and Jumpers. Since Maddie is not ready for full sized climbing obstacles just yet, so I was very happy to have a ring full of jumps.
Maddie did great! Here is the video:
I really could not be more pleased with how focused and engaged Mad Dog was with me. Her tugging was excellent, she did not notice any of the distractions outside the ring, and no zooming.
I did not try the tunnel with her. I really want to take her to a few places to experience other tunnels before trying it in a match. If she refused it, I would not have been able to work with her on it like I could at a friend's house, so we just did the jumps.
Having fun, staying focused, tight turns, and tugging were the goals and we accomplished that!