Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mad Dog Happenings

I promise I have not kept Maddie hidden on purpose. We just have been busy!  I am starting to ramp up her training. In obedience, we are narrowing our focus and training just the Novice level exercises. And in agility, I will gradually start raising the jump height, teaching her the weave poles, and training the big contact obstacles.  I will be sure to get some video as she progresses.
This post is mostly about summer fun and what Maddie has been up to the last few weeks.
There has been some splashing!

And some retrieving!

Unless the stick to retrieve is in deep water. Maddie definitely chooses not to swim which if fine. It is not a high priority. There is plenty of fun to be had in the shallow end.
We also visited SummerWind Farm (Yes, the landowner is awesome. That is for you, John.) and Maddie and her whippet friend, Tattie, got to run together again.  This time, Tattie is 9 months and a bit stronger and faster than she was a couple of months ago.
And Maddie, of course, welcomed our foster lab.  She is so nice to everyone!
And I weighed Maddie a week ago and she still is not 60 pounds.  Almost, but not quite.