Wednesday, June 12, 2013

47 Weeks - Maddie and Tattie

The first weekend in June, I took Maddie down to my friend's farm for some playtime.  Maddie played great with Tattie, a whippet puppy (7 months).
Tattie likes to wrestle and jump into everyone's face. I think she was surprised that Maddie will too!

Tattie then offered to play the role of hare, but Maddie was too fast for that to be sporting with a young pup.
So Maddie offered to play the hare and they had a much more sporting game of coursing of each other.
I was really pleased to see Maddie do that.  She always seems to know when to be polite or when it is okay to be rowdy.  Or when to chase or when to offer to be chased.  Maddie's speed has really kicked up a few notches in the last month so generally it is best if she plays hare for everyone else.

Both had a great time.


What Remains Now said...

These two are adorable together, and it looks like they had a great time. I turn into a puddle whenever I see a dog with white socks. So CUTE!

Tasha said...

Such a great pair! :) How adorable they are. Tattle is Maddie's Mini Me. <3

Yes I Know My Dogs Look Funny said...

Maddie looks all grown up but no doubt there is still a puppy soul in there! Love the tongue.

houndstooth said...

Oh man, what a cute pair they make! I could see them entertaining each other for hours!

Hazel said...

I thought Maddies tongue was going to wrap around her neck in a couple of the photos ( so cute).

I think you are a great owner because you make the effort for play time and play dates!

Cat said...