Wednesday, June 5, 2013

45 Weeks - Dirty Girls

Ziva and Maddie recently got down and dirty!
Maddie has definitely learned how to maximize the cooling potential of a large puddle.

She was dirty!
But Maddie and Ziva the 9 month old Dutch Shepherd went home tired!

Even though this post is about Week 45, Maddie is actually 48 weeks old or 11 months. Recall that the weight contest ends on her first birthday, July 2nd.  A few days ago, Maddie weighed in at 59 pounds meaning she only gained one pound in the last month.  So the contestants positioned the best right now are Sylvie M (60), Hazel (59.9), Claire K (59.3), Cynthia (60.5), and Ivey E (59.5). I will take her to the vet that day to get an accurate weight if she does not surpass 60.


What Remains Now said...

What a HAPPY video. Maddie and Ziva are wonderful playmates for each other.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Girls just wanna have fun :) And they sure did!

Hazel said...

Be sure to limit her food intake and do extra exercise so she will be 59.9 lbs on her birthday!