Tuesday, June 18, 2013

11 Months - Totally Random

I got Maddie a cool coat.  I am not usually a fan of cool coats, but I really wanted something that would get the sun off Maddie's black coat.  I am super pleased with this one.  It is a light mesh material that blocks the sun, but allows a breeze through.  After Maddie had run pretty hard in the sun, I hosed her off, wet the coat down, and placed it on her.  I kept walking her out in the sun and she cooled off with no problems and even felt cool under the coat when all had dried.  I am not sure how this coat works for other coat types, but I think its a win win for black greyhound type coats.  You can buy one at Horseworks.
Recently, Maddie started noticing our ceiling fans.  In hindsight, obviously they were turned off all winter long and now they are on.  She especially notices them when they are turning off or slowing down.  She does not seem afraid of them, but I would not say she is comfortable either.  Hopefully the ceilings fans will fade into the background soon.
Maddie has also been watching a lot of TV lately.  We cannot blame lack of exposure on this one.  The TV has been on since she was 9 weeks old, but for whatever reason, she has suddenly taken an interest.  She recently caught The Rock's new show "Hero".  I think she was a little jealous that Seven, Riley, and I got to meet him last year.  I tried to tell her she was just a twinkle in her breeder's eyes at that time.
And last but not least, here is a picture of Maddie's brother, Jack, at 11 months.  He seems to be taking after Mom (Huntington's Cleopatra) where as Maddie is very similar to Dad (Huntington's Guliver of Monarch).  I joke that Maddie only got her Mother's mouth (the barking).  Jack's conformation is more stocky like Mom.
Jack and the other two littermates are being raised alongside similar aged racing greyhound pups.  They should debut in open field coursing this fall.  They still live in huge grassy outdoor runs with big shelters that are adapted for the current season.  I'm sure Jack, Sam, and Tia are a little tougher than their sister, Maddie.  Of course, Maddie is more sophisticated and worldly.
Jack weighed in at 74 pounds. He will likely stay close to that since he is a little chunky right now, but still has a smidge of growing to do.  Sam weighed 69 pounds and Tia takes after Mom in size weighing only 56.5 pounds.