Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 34 - Scenting

I am quite impressed with Maddie's work on the Scent-A-Whirl. This is just a fun way to teach Maddie to find something with my scent on it.  Later she will have to do this with leather and metal dumbbells, but for now we use toys.  Maddie has worked up to having a toy sealed in each container and she has to find the one that has the toy we were playing with in it.

I have little symbol on each arm so I can remember which container has the correct toy. However, I do have to actually make an effort to remember.  In the first round, I thought it was a different arm.  Maddie insisted so I decided I better have a look.  Better for her to be wrong than for me to be wrong and hold out on her.  Well she was right!  In fact, she never gets it wrong.

And I love that she retrieves the toy to me!

You can thank Seven for the background noise. She cries and chews on crate bars when it is not her turn.  She sometimes has It-Is-Not-My-Turn Anxiety.