Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NDTC Trial

At the end of January, we headed up to Tennessee for a four day agility trial.  I only competed Riley since I was still resting Seven's wrist.
 Riley did really well and qualified 6 out of 8 runs.  I am always thrilled if we run clean 50% of the time.

Our main objective is double qualifying which is running clean in the Standard class and Jumpers class on the same day.

Riley earned two Double Qs giving her 15 out of the 20 needed to earn her agility championship.  We are getting close.  Here is Double Q #14.  The funny thing about these two runs is that our times were 41 and 27 seconds even.  Not 41.32 or 27.91, for example, but 41.00 and 27.00.
And here is QQ#15.