Friday, February 1, 2013

Dig That!

So the dog you hear barking in the background of most of my outside videos is the dog in the photo above.  She is annoying, but she only barks and since the beginning of time, every dog behind this fenced has barked at me and my hounds while we train.  It has been good for Maddie actually.  She was pretty sensitive to dogs barking... especially at her.  Now she mostly ignores her.
The lab, however, is the main troublemaker.  He has dug under this fence a couple of times now.  I have no idea if he is friendly, but don't particularly want to meet him off leash after he has dug under his fence in frustration.  It just really ticks me off when people do not manage their dogs.
So now when I come to my agility field to train, I come armed.  Armed with a load of dog crap.
And I stuff his holes full of dog crap and so far he avoids the holes after I have done that.  I have to check the entire fence line because he digs on all three sides and of course the yard has to be huge.
At the time of typing this, I have filled seven holes.... I am sure there will be a few more by the time this posts.  But if you have a digging problem.... filling holes with crap seems to work well.