Thursday, February 28, 2013

AGRC Trial

In early February, the hounds and I headed to South Carolina for another three day agility trial.  This time Seven competed and she did great and had no problems with her wrist.

Unfortunately, I broke my camera by dropping it on the concrete.  Dang it!  So I only have video from Friday.  Seven won 1st place in the Standard class and then we missed the weave poles in Jumpers.  It was my fault and I changed my handling which helped Riley win the class.  Here is Seven:
Seven did go on to double qualify the next day with another 1st place in Standard.

Riley double qualified on Friday.  Her Standard run was a little messy.  She did not hold her contacts until released and she was pretty wild... but we did not make any errors.  Then in Jumpers, Riley won the class with her fastest and my fastest time ever.  She averaged 6.66 yards per second.  I have rarely ever broke 6 yards per second, but Riley has done it numerous times.  Breaking 6 yards per second is getting into border collie fast.  Love it!