Monday, January 14, 2013

Seven's Invitational

I finally got my photos from the AKC Agility Invitational in mid December.
At the event, my big concern with Seven was her left wrist.  As you know, it periodically becomes painful for a few minutes when she does tight left turns and torques the joint.  It was happening about once every two weeks or so, but suddenly two weeks before the event it would happen everyday.
I stopped training Seven the week prior and galloped her in straight lines using my bike, jogged her, and worked her on the balance discs and peanut.  We avoided anything with tight turns.
I just wanted to get Seven through this one event and then start on a plan for her wrist.  We made it.  Seven never came up lame at the trial.  All in all, Seven did fine.  We certainly were not running our best and she was wild at times.
The one thing that irritated me... and I know this is stupid, but in Ring 1, they announce a bio for each dog as they are running the course.  The 24" dogs only get to use Ring 1 one time so the girls' bios were only read once.  However, during Seven's run they did a totally random announcement and skipped over her bio completely.  Many of the bios are boring and simple tout all of the dog's titles, but a few would have interesting stories about how they beat a health problem or that the dog was a rescue.  I thought Seven's bio was interesting being that she is an ex-racer and has a movie coming out in April.  I put how many races she had run and how many of those she had won and then a few details about the movie.  And it never got read.  No big deal... but it still irritated me.
This is Round 1.  Seven's best and only qualifying run.  She placed 11th out of 114 dogs.

This is Round 2.  This Jumper course had a really tough opening.  It was herky jerky and no way for us to do it smoothly.  You will see me just jumping in front of her to force front crosses.  We get through the tough stuff and she shoots off over an extra jump at 15 seconds.  Then she turns the wrong way before the weaves and spins (at least it was a spin to the right on her good wrist).  She was just all over the place.
Here is Round 3. It got messy at the weave poles.  First she blew by the weave poles and then had another off course which put me out of place.
Hopefully we will have another shot at it next year.  We also have the AKC Agility Nationals coming up in March.  Hopefully we will have more practice before that event and do better.
Of course, something had to get shredded.


gyeong said...

Too bad the pics didn't turn out how you liked. Hope they can send you the originals. Do love the action shots though.

jcp said...

Always enjoy seeing her in action. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of the wrist situation soon :)

Hazel said...

Seven and You are a good team, and it shows! She's beautiful, and graceful. So are you!

Patty E. said...

I would have been aggravated that they didn't do her bio either, especially since she is in a movie.

Claire Krigbaum said...

Even though they are a little too light and the color is off, I sure love seeing her in action, those muscles!
I would have been irritated about the bio too!
The year that Rye went he chewed a hole in the back of his soft crate and also only qualified once.

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

I wasn't happy with our pictures either. I'm disappointed in them.

We didn't get a bio read either. It isn't THAT big of a deal but being our first invitational it would've been nice to get the whole effect. Especially since it took me so long to come up with a good one so it wasn't just a recital of her titles.

Nice runs too!!

John said...

Too bad about the announcements. They just played to the American dog fancy's obsession with titles -- and one of the AKC's primary profit centers. God forbid we should hear something interesting about a dog's life outside of letter accumulation.

Matthew N said...

Looks like she did enjoy herself. We know all about, something needs to be shredded. Carrie and I also see a preview of the movie. We both jumped when we saw Seven in it. The people around us might of been concerned. LOL. Mr. Taleteller

Hiking Hounds said...

That's a bummer that Seven's Bio wasn't read. Each dog there is special, and Seven's story is really unique. It's always great to watch her.