Monday, January 21, 2013

27 Weeks - Working At Home

Maddie:  "Reporting for duty."
Me:  "What can you do to help?"
Maddie:  "I can shred important documents that need to be thrown away."
Me:  "Hmmmm, I am not sure about that."
Me:  "Maddie, where did you get those pages?  Are you sure they are the right ones?"
Maddie:  "YEAAAH! (snotty teenager tone) I am sure!
Me:  "Well, the pages look blank.  Let me get you some I actually need to be shredded."
Maddie:  "I am busy with this toy now."
Me:  "How about in a few minutes?"
Me:  "Thought so."


gyeong said...

Guess she was just practicing for when the real important documents show up.

Trina said...

She is so cute. Dana has always been a professional paper shredder too. Though typically she prefers books, magazines and DVDs.

jet said...

hahaha adooooorable... Barbie still loves to shred paper, thankfully mainly junk mail. When I first got her though she shredded my copy of 'greyhounds for dummies' LOL!

Hazel said...

Maddie's got real class: She doesn't feel the need to hide the shredding habit!
My grey, Fleur, shreds a kleenix or paper towel if I leave her at home.

My grey Power only shreds objects like food bowls. So far no paper!

cleptogrey said...

yeah, they love their side job at shredding! i remember felix shredding his therapy dog certificate when it came in the mail- all that was left was a 4" oddly shapped document w/ his name. they replaced it no-charge. watch out, there is no "off switch"

Greyhounds Aren't Grey said...

Now just teach her to pick up all the bits and throw them away. Viola!

Those Brindle Kids said...

Maddie is just like my teenager - eager, snotty from time to time, and loves to sleep.

Claire Krigbaum said...

Hey, GREAT idea! Indi is crazy for cardboard, I'm sure she would love to shred documents!

Team Zero Gravity said...


Anonymous said...

My grey will shred anything left unattended in a plastic bag. If it's edible, that goes double.