Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Photos of 2012

Here are my favorite photos of 2012.  The one above is my all time favorite.  It was taken with my iPhone on a hot summer morning.  The red clay reflected back into the water to create a photo that looks more like a painting.  It is completely unaltered.
 Riley made her comeback to agility this year.  I just love how her whole body shows how happy she is (above and below).
I love this sequence of Seven and Riley running together and then "CRASH".
Seven at full extension.
Riley just being crazy.
Seven splashing.
Riley looking gorgeous and posing for once.  She is often an anti-poser.
And then there are the Maddie photos... look how tiny and precious she was.
Maddie Monster.
I cannot believe she used to look like a precious little puppy.
Seven wondering if this was a good idea.
Daddy? No, not this guy.
Pretty baby.
A dog of her own.
Dog Fish
 The Crane!
All three do not fit one this bed anymore.
I do not see the frog anymore.
Back Talker
 Muddie Maddie
Maddie Money Grubber and her $5 find.
Brown Noser
Just barely fits!
Happy New Year!