Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Peanut

Introducing the peanut!  A large, inflatable device that takes up too much room in my little house.  But it is for the dogs, so it stays. Working with the peanut was recommended by Seven's rehab specialist to tighten up her shoulder... which by the way felt really good to the rehab specialist last week.  Otherwise, the appointment was not that noteworthy.  She thought Seven's back, hips, etc. all felt good and she was not in need of a chiropractic adjustment.

Last week, I was down and out with a cold so the peanut was a much welcomed indoor exercise for the hounds during that time.  Once on the peanut, the hounds have to use their core and stabilizer muscles to steady the peanut and to maintain balance.  I also steady the peanut between my knees while sitting in a chair.  I can challenge the girls more by letting the peanut rock or I can help them by steadying it.  I can also challenge them with stretches, holding up 1 or 2 feet (diagonal pairs) for a five to ten seconds, and changing positions (sit, down, stand).  I have worked them up to 10 minutes each on the peanut.  Here is a little of what we do.  I was really pleased that both Riley and Seven learned to jump up on the peanut in just a couple of days.  It was pretty awkward trying to lift them and steady the peanut at the same time.
Maddie has been up on the peanut three times.  Here is a video of the second time.  She did a lot of just standing and getting comfortable with it.  I did some easy head turns and had her balance on 3 legs.  She finally got brave enough for some sits and downs.  Sorry the video is so dark.  It was nighttime and being a black dog didn't help.