Thursday, November 1, 2012

16 Weeks - Puppy of Mass Destruction

I have no idea why the fence fell.

Maddie should start loosing teeth soon, so naturally she is doing a lot of chewing and grabbing at everything within reach.
And yes, the fence eventually did fall.  Her handler was having too much fun taking pictures to be a responsible owner.
Maddie decided to see what these muzzles were all about.
So I thought Maddie should try one on briefly.
Still more growing to do before she has to wear one of those.


What Remains Now said...

Maddie does everything with such gusto!

cleptogrey said...

frozen hoofs lined w/ either baby food(meat) or peanut butter

frozen marrow bones with most of the marrow removed,

those big rope toys

that's all i can say.

(collect those baby teeth)

Hiking Hounds said...

I loved finding all the baby teeth. I found them where they slept and played. I would even watch to see which ones were about to go so I could keep an eye out. :-)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I like the frozen hoofs with baby food idea! :-)

Hazel said...

Your Maddie is nearly alike in appearance to my Power, age 18 mo. He likes to use his teeth in the same way. Maddie's handler did the right thing in taking pictures!