Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photo Shoot

My awesome friend, Stefanie, offered to set up a studio setting in her house and take pictures of the hounds with her fancy camera. She got some really beautiful shots.  Here are my favorites.

Seven was a perfect poser as usual.  She is so easy to photograph.

Seven with her collar from the movie, "Pain and Gain"
Riley was a very good sport and kept her ears up for us for much longer than she usually does.  She often turns it off for the camera, but she was really good and these turned out beautiful.


Seven and Riley
Maddie was a good subject and cooperated very well all things considered.  We did not give her any time to acclimate, but she played along.

Maddie - 12 Weeks
Maddie and Me
Thank you, Stefanie!


Team Zero Gravity said...

Love all the photos. Stephanie did a wonderful job!

Greyhounds Aren't Grey said...

Those are great! It's always nice to have a friend like Stephanie :-)

What Remains Now said...

There are some good lookin' gals in your house! What a great series of photos. Those sweet faces. I love Maddie's "frogger" legs. Stefanie is a wonderful photographer.

GreyhoundGeek said...

Very cute photos... I particularly like the one with Maddie all sprawled out. Gotta love those flexible puppy-hips.

Patty Erdman said...

Oh my goodness! Those are beautiful!

Hiking Hounds said...

These are excellent pictures! All of the girls are beautiful. I've always wanted to do a photo shoot with mine.

Claire Krigbaum said...

How beautiful! I LOVE the one of you and Maddie!

gyeong said...

What cute girls you have!

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Seven and Riley are gorgeous what wonderful photo's to have of your beautiful hounds.

Missed Maddie's arrival, isn't she a darling, look frward to hearing all about the new puppy.

Sue and the taylor pack plus Belle xxx

andrea said...


Amanda Violette Groth said...

These are beautiful! Seven is amazing. I love the picture of you and Maddie!

Angela said...

Beautiful photos! It looks like everyone was very cooperative :) I love the one of Maddie giving you puppy kisses - and I just learned about her tonight since I don't get around to blogs very often. I'm sure she is a handful, but so stinkin cute!