Monday, October 22, 2012

14 Weeks - Back Talk

Does that look like the face of a defiant back talker?  Don't be fooled by the innocent face.

Maddie is a big back talker.  She barks more than any of my other greyhounds.  She lets out a bark when she sees something exciting.  She barks and growls when we wrestle and play.  She is a loud growler when she tugs.
I do want to make sure Maddie does not greet other dogs by barking.  I especially want to make sure she is not one of those dogs everyone hates to pass that explodes at the end of the leash at other dogs.  She can be reactive especially if the other dog starts it, so we practice ignoring such dogs.  Right now, she is about half and half.  Sometimes very neutral and is very good.  Other times she will bark once or twice and lunge at the end of her leash. It is interesting to look at her behaviors today and wonder if she is just being a puppy and will outgrow them. Or are some of these minor flags to issues that are easily turned around while she is a puppy, but could be a lot worse as an adult.  I will definitely remain proactive with her behavior around other dogs.  And the growling.  I love it. I think it is cute and am not worried about it.  
Maddie used to bark a lot more at my own hounds.  Just around the house, she would find what ever they are doing to be very exciting and would start barking.  That has definitely improved so I hope with all of the outings we are doing that she will start to find the other dogs less exciting as well.  The six days of agility trials this month will be excellent practice for her.