Tuesday, October 2, 2012

12 Weeks - Corrections

I am so pleased with my adults this week.  They started issuing very appropriate and well deserved corrections to Maddie... although Riley allowed her to do what she was doing in the picture above. Surely that will be a different story in another month or two.  I just wish Maddie was more confident and sassy... NOT!
On walks, Maddie is really bad about dive bombing Riley and Seven and tugging on their leashes.  I tried to keep them separated to spare the adults her assault, but Maddie really needs to be corrected by her victims and so I have stopped trying to help them and turn a blind eye.  Seven gave her two really nice corrections for a dive bomb and an ear nip.  Her corrections were sharp, but gentle.  Maddie flew back, but didn't yelp.  Perfect!

Poor Allie is 12 and just lays on her bed most of the time.  Maddie will try to persuade Allie to play with her.  I mean who wouldn't want to play with a puppy barking in your face.... definitely not Allie.  She gives big corrections with teeth and noise, but no marks.  Good girl, Allie.
And then Riley is just so funny.  She is extremely tolerant and ignores Maddie most of the time... but Riley loves Maddie's toys. I love to watch their interactions.
Before I forget, Maddie ended week 12 at 22.5 pounds.  She has gained 9 pounds since I brought her home at 9 weeks.  She is getting big!