Wednesday, September 26, 2012

11 Weeks - Farmer's Market

The first three months are so crucial to a puppy's socialization that it is important that I take advantage of this one month I have out of the first three.
On Saturday, Maddie and I went to the local farmer's market for a second time, but brought along our friends, Kevin and his border collie pup, Tess.
 Once again, it was a great experience.  Lots of different kinds of people... one guy with a crazy chicken hat on and holding a sign.  Lots of children and other well behaved dogs.  Strollers, wheelchairs, and so on.
We heard lots of traffic noises, sirens, and a honk or two.  We actually were very close to some railroad tracks when we heard the train coming.  We took off running in the opposite direction because we did not want the puppies so up close to such a loud exposure.  The train whistle freaked them both out, but they recovered and ate their treats.
Then on Saturday afternoon, we went to an agility trial at my trainer's facility.  This was a different agility organization that I do not compete in so we were just there to socialize.
The size difference.  Maddie probably weighs 17-18 pounds here.
Maddie says she has been holding her own leash for a couple of weeks now and is now ready to walk a dog of her own.  No respect for poor Seven.
Maddie wants one of these silly border collie tug leashes.... or is she just trying to steal someone's border collie?