Friday, September 21, 2012

10 Weeks

Maddie's 10th week started off with a trip to Home Depot.  There were not a lot of people there, but it was good exposure to interesting sounds and a shiny floor.  She lead the way down most of the aisles.
"Hurry up."

I started training Maddie this week.  Just some basics and especially getting acquainted with the clicker.  Here is a video of Maddie touching a target with her nose, working on sits and downs, and some eye contact.  I love her sit.  She actually prefers to sit at this time.  I have never had a greyhound that will pop up out of a down and into a sit, but Maddie does.
Maddie is kind of funny because she can be such a wild terror, but is very thoughtful and calm about training.
"Terror? I am an angel."

During the week, we mostly trained and played at my agility field.  On Wednesday, we did go to agility class so she was able to see more people and dogs and hike the 20 acres.  It is such a good place to tire Maddie out.
Puppy Pile On

Maddie is not lacking in confidence and tends to be too sassy.  It is definitely time for someone to kick Miss Maddie's butt and knock her down a peg.

See that high tail set of hers?  It is definitely something I need to keep tabs on.  She is very stimulated by other dogs even when the other dog is not excited and not moving much. Maddie appears to be able to train around other dogs, but has a difficult time at just being casual and enjoying a walk, for example.  She wants to dive bomb her walking companions.  And how do they feel about that?
I think their faces say it all.

"Riley and Seven, that is what I thought.  Please ding her.  You have my permission.  Just don't leave a mark!"
"I don't deserve that."

We also did a little gardening.  I do not have high hopes for lots of vegetables this fall. Maddie would use my raised garden as cross country in-and-out jumps.  
"I'm helping."
Lurking in Reagan's favorite bush.

On Saturday morning, I took Maddie and Seven to a busy farmer's market in a nearby town.  It is a great place to navigate crowds, see lots of dogs, people, and children, and get a feel for being in the city, but with slower moving traffic and less noise.  But still lots of great sounds to be heard and sights to be seen.  Maddie did great and was always interested to see what was around the next corner.
"Are you my Daddy?"

Then later in the day, we went to Summerwind Farm for the annual meeting that folks can bring their hounds to.  We had a lot of fun and I was able to introduce Maddie to a kiddie pool.  She had no interest at first, but once I placed her into it, it was all fun and games. 
Maddie loved it and she sure loves to jump too!

Maddie did very well at the meeting.  We stayed towards the outside of the group just in case there were any high prey greyhounds attached to unsuspecting owners.
 Good Tugger

All in all, I feel very lucky to have Maddie.  At first, I was very disappointed that the litter was so small.  I had hoped there would be several females to choose from especially if we were driving all the way to Texas. I talked with her breeder.  I decided to go ahead and have a look, but warned her that I may go home empty handed.  She assured me she was fine with that.
Love that sit.

I knew there only had to be one right puppy.  And maybe the universe was in some way working its magic by removing the clutter of too many choices and making sure I could not miss the right one. 
Hidden Panther Puppy

I actually might have chosen the red boy if he had been available.  There was something very Travis-like about him.  Unfortunately, he had gotten a stomach bug the week before and he was not ready to travel such a far distance just yet (he is fine now).  So as we drove off with Maddie, I felt I had a good pup and was satisfied, but I thought I might not have chosen her if the litter had been bigger.
Stalker Panther Puppy

Well, I am not so sure I could have handled anymore greyhound pup than I got.  Once Maddie was home for a few days, she started to show me far more drive, motivation, confidence, and fearlessness than I had seen in Texas.  Don't get me wrong.  She showed me all of those things in Texas, but just not with the intensity I have seen since then.

Maddie is one crazy puppy with plenty of toy and tug drive.  She is very food motivated and enjoying all the new treats I have introduced her to.  Even if she has eaten a huge meal, she still eats all the treats I offer her. She makes great eye contact. I think it is really all up to me at this point.  I have the raw materials I need.
And, of course, some video of Maddie at play at 10 weeks.  She starts out as a panther stalking me. I think it is so hilarious when she does that.

I think Maddie started the week off at 14.5 pounds and ended up at 16 pounds.  Friends that see her once a week say she is getting big.... seems the same to me. 


What Remains Now said...

I smiled ear-to-ear all through this post. What a special girl. Love those shots you got going in and out of the it all.

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all!

What a fun time y'all are having together!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

gyeong said...

What a bundle of energy.

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

She is adorable! And loving how well she is training! Though I was warned when I was fostering a non-grey pup a few years back that it doesn't last. I don't know if that is true or not since I only had the pup 3 weeks before he was adopted. I guess they have a rebellious teenage phase too! Your posts are making me simultaneously excited and terrified about getting a puppy! ;)

OnrushPam said...

Loved watching her catch on to the eye contact game!

Also love the purple collar. It was always my favorite color for Isaac.

Those Brindle Kids said...

I just love that photo of her diving into the pool!

gear jane said...

Look at her dive into the pool. What a cutie. Does she generally enjoy swimming?

jet said...

By how much drive and pluck Barbie has developed since I adopted her, I tend to think the way that some greyhounds are kept when they are being groomed for racing knocks the spirit out of them. I would bet that if I got her as a puppie she would be just like Maddie. :P

jet said...

By how much drive and pluck Barbie has developed since I adopted her, I tend to think the way that some greyhounds are kept when they are being groomed for racing knocks the spirit out of them. I would bet that if I got her as a puppie she would be just like Maddie. :P

Tina said...

Haven't been a lot around blogland lately so I am so excited to see new puppy here! She is amazing.
Love how calm she is in the clicker training video. I learned that the click ends the behaviour and that is how I did with my guys. So click means jump up and run to mom to get the reward, even if mom is just a foot away...
And what I like most is that social interaction reward :-) She seems to be very soft and smooth.
Looks like there is much fun and an exciting dog life ahead of you!

Last try no to send the comment, that word verification drives me mad! I thought I was not a robot, but I still can't get it right

Muttsandaklutz said...

She is beautiful! And quite full of beans, I see... What fun! Congrats.

OnrushPam said...

I just watched your Maddie training video again (and showed it to Glen). Your timing with her is AWESOME! Can't wait to see the updates as she grows up. Fun times ahead!

Amanda Violette Groth said...

Maddie is SO cute. I love that she is all black. Very sleek and panther-like. It will be a lot of fun to follow all of her training exploits.

Claire Krigbaum said...

Such a lovey little girl, and so much fun! I just love that picture of her leaping into the pool.
Interesting that she has shown you more than you thought she had to begin with as far as drive. Funny that you say you couldn't handle any more dog than her now that you've got to know her a little!

Katie said...

She is pretty much the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

Tasha Miner Salsido said...