Monday, August 27, 2012


Well, darn it!  The last post was supposed to include the video below.  I was away for a four day weekend so I was unable to correct until Sunday night.  If you have already read the last post, here is the video of Riley working on the balance disc that you missed.
My friend, Tamara, reminded me that I can also have her place her front paws on the disc as well and pivot around.  I have a smaller one just for this purpose, but so far I have only focused on placing the rear end on the disc.  Riley and Seven are just so focused on doing stuff with their front paws that it really was difficult to get them to think about moving and touching something with their rear paws.  So they are getting lots of reinforcement for finding something with rear feet for now.  I hope that by using two difference sizes that maybe they will eventually recognize that the larger is for rear feet and the smaller one for front.


houndstooth said...

I am picturing Blueberry's face if I asked her to do this! That would be quite a battle. She is not fond of pushing herself or challenges. I love how quickly your girl seems to be picking it up!

GreyhoundGeek said...

Hi Jennifer,

I wasn't sure where to post these questions, so I thought I'd just throw them in here...

I have read through most (if not all) of your site and haven't seen these specific things discussed... I apologize in advance if I've simply missed the pertinent articles.

Data and I are working toward Agility; We've completed Skills 1 and are now taking Skills 2 (which is pre-requisite for Agility 1), and I'm curious about your training regime and schedule at home.

1.) How many times per day/week do your dogs train? Do you work on Agility one day and skills another? Or do you mix everything into one training session?

2.) How long did it take Seven to learn the base skills needed before you started training the Agility specific skills (jumps, tunnels, left/right, etc...)

3.) Are there specific fundamental skills that you wish you had worked harder on before starting Agility (or perhaps that you worked especially hard on before-hand)?

4.) Anything else that a newbie like me would benefit from knowing, that I might not otherwise learn from instructors that have limited experience with Greys.

I'm not sure if you want to answer these here, or write a post so others can see the answers as well -- I'll be very grateful either way =)

Best Regards,
Mat the GreyhoundGeek

Claire Krigbaum said...

You can really see how much it works out her hind end!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Greyhound Geek,

1. I train probably 4 days a week. Once per day.... more so when working with new dog. I might mix obedience and agility in one session or I might split. No absolutes.

2. Pretty much start my dogs on agility immediately. I start them on clicker, teach them to fetch,name recognition, teach sit and down stay, and recalls.... but I can do all of that in just a few weeks. Just need to feel like the hound loves training and wants to interact since most agility needs to be off leash... and even though often fenced, I still don't want my dog ignoring me in a fenced yard.
3. I think everything above is important. But mostly good recalls.
4. Teach 2 on 2 off contacts. You might regret later if you don't. Get yourself a set of 12 good training weave poles (WAM, Channels, or 2X2). Those need almost daily practice and start training those immediately. Be generous with the food, use good food, and use even better food. "One more time" can be the kiss of death... if you think you have done it enough, speak up and sit it out.

Don't get stuck on trying to do everything perfectly is this is your first agility dog. You will probably screw him up anyway and that is ok. Just always have a good attitude, be positive, and have fun. You can fix anything if you always treat your dog in that manner.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Greyhound Geek, you can email me through the blog. It would be easier to type that way in the future.

Tarmar said...

I had the same trouble getting my dogs to put their back feet on the big disc!

I had to put the phone book down for a front foot target and then ask them to orient to me to get their back feet on the big disc.

Once they figured it out, they too learned that the big disc is for back and the little one for front feet.

I will ask Shine to sit on the big disc so that her front feet are on it as well. Tanner is too big and has to put his front feet on the little one.

This is a nice conditioning exercise we can do indoors during the winter when it is too yucky to go outside!

Kim said...

Love FitPaws disks and other stuff! When I bring out my disk for a session (3-4x week), my girl will run to it and place her back feet on it, then stand there waiting for the treats to begin :) My girl is tall and long, so I use a large disk and, to make things difficult, a pair of paw pods. I alternate asking her to put her back feet on the disk and her front feet on each pod, then reverse it. The pods are hard, but it's an excellent core body exercise. I hope your hounds like their disk work!

Heather (jerZgirl) said...

I brought one home from PT for Iggy Pop for his broken toe. I have the small one. Iggy likes it a lot!

dog food said...
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