Monday, August 27, 2012


Well, darn it!  The last post was supposed to include the video below.  I was away for a four day weekend so I was unable to correct until Sunday night.  If you have already read the last post, here is the video of Riley working on the balance disc that you missed.
My friend, Tamara, reminded me that I can also have her place her front paws on the disc as well and pivot around.  I have a smaller one just for this purpose, but so far I have only focused on placing the rear end on the disc.  Riley and Seven are just so focused on doing stuff with their front paws that it really was difficult to get them to think about moving and touching something with their rear paws.  So they are getting lots of reinforcement for finding something with rear feet for now.  I hope that by using two difference sizes that maybe they will eventually recognize that the larger is for rear feet and the smaller one for front.