Monday, May 21, 2012

Miami Movie Shoot - Take 2

Photo from a Hollywood website
Anthony Mackie, The Rock, Mark Wahlberg

After experimenting with the weight bench and discovering the chair in the corner to being a much better option, we continued to wait for Seven's turn.  By now, we had moved the dogs inside.  They were bored and afternoon thunderstorms were looming.  We set up a little camp by the front doors with their fleece pads.  Mark Wahlberg passed us a number of times and at one point even looked down and said "hi guys" to the hounds.  After awhile it became quite normal to have Mark eating a snack or listening to his headphones just a few yards away.

Denise made friends with Ace, one of Mark's assistants.  She asked him if Mark would be willing to take a picture with us and Ace said that he would.  The next time Mark passed by, Ace asked, and Mark said he would in a little while and asked if we would still be here. "Yes."

A few minutes later, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson walks in, sees Riley on the floor, and asks to pet her.  I rushed back over with Seven and we start chatting about greyhounds.  He mentioned that he had adopted a greyhound prior, but that it was very fearful and never adjusted so they had returned it (Why did an adoption group allow someone high profile and with two kids to adopt such a difficult dog?  I digress.).  He asked questions about the girls and asked if he could take pictures with them.  He posed with Riley and Seven and his assistant and Denise took pictures.  I asked if he would tweet one of the pictures and he said he would.  I then told him he should tease Anthony about complaining about how big Seven was since he had to carry her in one of his scenes.  The Rock asked if he could pick her up for a photo. Of course!  Next, he posed for a picture with me and then Denise.  He is such a nice guy and very friendly and personable.

Earlier, I saw Anthony and chatted with him for a few minutes.  We had worked with him on our last trip so he recognized me with Seven.  He asked about Stefanie who came with me last time and I told him I had brought my sister this time.  He asked if she was the mean looking girl sitting by the van.  I told him it probably was. Ha!  As he walked out, he stopped by the van to say hi to Denise which was really nice.  He promised her a picture later when was not so sweaty.

Well, Anthony returns and we take photos with him.  I am going to go ahead and post these since he is not wearing a shirt from the movie and the set is not in the background.  I think I am legal here.
Denise insisted Anthony smile and show some teeth.

So after all of that, only one leading man remained.  We still needed photos with Mark Wahlberg.  Big kudos to my sister who walked up to him despite her nerves and said "you are the only one left".  Mark jumped up and posed with each of us as well.

When the movie comes out, I will post the photos of The Rock and Mark.