Sunday, May 13, 2012


Okay, I think I can resume blogging now.  I think the end of March until now has been the busiest time period of my entire life.  Seven was cast in the movie, "Pain and Gain", and we made two trips to Miami for filming.  It appears we may have two more trips in the coming weeks.  I will post what I can, but you will have to wait for the movie to be released before I can post pictures and details.  I took my first vacation in five years.  We went to Kauai.  My employer hired a new employee that was my responsibility to train. I have never worked so many evenings and weekends to keep my head above water (don't cry for me, I got a raise).  The days just ran together and I could barely remember which day of the week it was.  So hopefully things are now returning to normal.
While I was in Hawaii, Riley and Seven stayed at a boarding facility in a friend's basement.  She boards a number of greyhounds at a time and has a very nice set up.  Since Riley and especially Seven are very active, I prefer that they are in a more structured environment.  They are going to be bored and under exercised, so I do not want them to have access and become creative in someone's home.  I want them safe, contained, and not learning any bad habits.
I knew that Riley would be wonderful.  She is always so accepting.  And then there is little Miss Never Satisfied.  I knew Seven would be a pain in the butt.  Here is her first report for your amusement:
They are both being good girls.  Seven is a piece of work!  What a silly
girl.  Some of her "tricks"  are:
1)  She pulled a rug into her crate.  She had to really stretch her leg and paw out to get it!
2)  You might ask, why a crate (Jen: because she is supposed to be in a large, comfortable kennel run with a very soft, raised bed)?  Because she was trying to get out through the space between the top mesh and the bars.  I thought I would try her in the regular cottage again today.  Maybe she will be a little less "anxious".
3)  She wants to play all the time!  What a character!
4)  She says she wants her own dressing room.  I told her she already had her name on the door.....

Both are eating just fine, loving their Kongs, doing their thing outside like they should and loving long leash walks.  They are sleeping like babies, no fussing day or night (Jen: thank goodness for some things).

All in all, the hounds survived our absence and Stephen and I had a wonderful vacation.