Thursday, April 5, 2012

2nd Day of Shooting

Seven waiting for her scene

As the first day wrapped up around 2 PM, we were informed that the second day of shooting was on Friday.  Friday?  It was supposed to be on Thursday and we planned to drive home Thursday afternoon or Friday at the latest.  Dang it! 
My friend, Stefanie, who accompanied me on the trip was supposed to be working her last week at her current job and starting a new job a week later.  She had nothing to lose, but she did not want to burn bridges either.  I honestly could not be more swamped at work and it was only made worse by an unexpected week of movie making.  So we both worked remotely on our laptops and did a little sightseeing on Wednesday and Thursday.
On Thursday, we went to South Beach (in a cargo van).  I truly am so awesome and amazing with my van driving skills and we managed to find a parking spot.  We laid out on the beach for about an hour and were startled to see two topless girls.  I did not expect that, but hear that anything goes.
Topless girls at 3:00.

Well, on Thursday night we get a call from Phil, the animal talent agent.  He explains that the shoot is at 1 PM.  Double dang it!!  We were hoping to be done in the morning and to drive home after that.  Oh well.

The shoot happened much later than 1 PM, of course.  It was at an apartment complex and Seven's job was fairly easy since she was simply being lead on leash this time.  I handled her between shots for the most part and had to position myself carefully numerous times so she would travel in the right direction or turn her head a certain way.
We were then told to stay as they wanted to use Seven in another scene.  By now it is 6 PM and we were still planning on leaving Miami that night.  We waited around for 2 hours with Seven being quite impatient (such a pain in the butt).  Earlier as we were just about to do a scene, a teenager offered me a tennis ball for Seven.  I told him not right now, but that he could put it on her bed for later.  That she had picked up a ratty tennis ball at the park the day before so she will appreciate the new one.  And appreciate she did.  She was going crazy in all directions on a four foot leash.  She even clocked me in the head and I got a huge bump on my eyebrow.

"That's a wrap!"  What?  You mean we waited around for 2 hours and she was never used for another scene?  Double dog dang it!  We could have been driving home!  So we left Miami at 8 PM and arrived home at 7 AM.  I started out a little tired, but once my second wind kicked in I was fine.  Stefanie and I both agreed that it was not as bad as we expected to drive all night.

Lastly, I have to thank Stefanie for being Seven's personal assistant.  I could not have done it without you!  She shared in the driving and helped me stay awake.  She fetched dog beds, water, treats, and anything else I asked for.  She carried much of our things and took lots of photos.  Stefanie checked on Riley, took her for walks, and fed her when the shoot ran late.  Thank you, thank you!
It appears we may have to go back three more times for shooting.  Just are not certain of when.