Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 2 and 3

Last Saturday was day 2 of Seven's second agility trial and her debut at the Open level.  She is still having some difficulty in discriminating between the teeter and dogwalk.  We had a bobble at the teeter and I had a brief moment of forgetting what I was going to do.  Then we had a refusal in Jumpers.  How about those big dog weave poles!
On Sunday, the teeter and dogwalk issue continued, but so far she has not scared herself... knock on wood.  I do not say much when I run, but I do warn with a verbal "teeter".  I love the weave pole entrance in the Jumpers course (2nd run on video).  It was a fast, long line of jumps and then a 90 degree turn to the weave poles.  I told her "weave" early and she collected herself right up for the turn and nailed the entrance that a lot of other baby dogs blew past.
We are looking forward to our next trial in a couple of weeks.  Seven will have 2 attempts to finish both Open level classes.  If she does, she will move up to Excellent and make my life much easier when Riley is competing in the trial after that.