Thursday, November 3, 2011

Out With The Old

And in with the new.  I am pleased to report tha our foster greyhound, Sahara Sand was adopted about two weeks ago by a young couple that lives about two hours away.  His new name is Felix and they report that they "absolutely love him".
We decided to foster another big, handsome fella so here is Up And Over. I have to admit that I was afraid I might totally fall in love with this one. Stephen and I profiled him a few days after he arrived in the Southeastern Greyhound Adoption's kennel and he was super food motivated and intensely toy motivated. He was terrible on leash. Tackled Stephen and scratch his arm. OMG! Perfect dog, right? And then to top it off, he was so calm and quiet when he was kenneled. The other greyhounds were barking and excited, but Up And Over was totally chilled out until it was his turn.
But I am happy to report that Up And Over is turning out to be a normal greyhound. He likes to play with toys for a few minutes, but he is not intense about it. He is still getting settled in, but I think he is just going to be a big, lazy lug.