Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little Agility

Riley and I have been doing a little agility for the last week or so. I dare say we are actually doing a little training.  We worked on weave pole entrances using six poles and have done a little jumping.  I am trying to do things that will make her use both sides of her body and both canter leads.  I have not seen any issues with the leg that had the fractured hock.  Riley has just done so well that it is hard to not just get back to work.  But I force myself to go slow (even though we are progressing faster than I expected).
Since Riley has been doing so well, I finally decided to let her race around outside.  The last time she did this was July 26th when she fractured her hock.  Remember that the fracture occurred when she landed from catching a frisbee.... Riley is not allowed to catch frisbees anymore.