Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let Loose

Riley has been working hard for the last four weeks on regaining her fitness and flexibility.  She was laid up for a total of eleven weeks for the hock fracture and surgery.  I am really pleased that she has bounced back like I was hoping she would.

Along with the rehab exercises I showed you in an earlier post, we have been hiking several times a week for 60 - 90 minutes with lots of hills to climb.  She has been jogging up to two miles.  And we have even started back on some of the agility equipment and low jumps.

The one thing I have not allowed her to do is run freely, play, and spin like a crazy greyhound.  I have tried to minimize the bursts of speed and sharp turns.  Well, I figured it was finally time for her to be reunited with her Zanie Flyer and allowed to do what she does. I thought indoors on rubber mats would be the best way to start back.
I was very happy that Riley was not the least bit sore afterwards.