Tuesday, October 18, 2011


"Who? Me?"

I am really excited about Seven's first agility trial at the end of the month.  She is training so well and everything is falling into place.  As you know, she was having a problem with popping out of the weave poles early and was hesitating with new chutes (the tunnel with the collapsed fabric).  Well, these issues have been nonexistent the last couple of weeks.

Except for one error, Seven's weave poles have been perfect and without any training aids the last four training sessions. 

We have included the chute in all of our training sessions.  Last weekend, we trained at a field she had never been to and the chute was black and yellow.  We put the black portion on top (making the chute very dark) and Seven did not hesitate at all.

Most of all, Seven has been fast, furious, and responsive.  Here is a video of us running a course on Sunday.  This field is smaller than mine and it is difficult to really spread out the obstacles, so Seven felt a little slower to me than she has lately, but still a nice run.