Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Green Light

Riley has been given the green light to start rehab!  I am very happy!  The hock fracture is not completely filled in yet, but that can take months.  Dr. G said he was not worried about it especially since it has been mostly unsupported for four weeks and looks much better than last time.  He said I should not be concerned if she comes up sore some days.  To just give her a day off if that happens, but to call him if it persists more than a few days.  He asked me what my goals were.  I told him that since she has been off for 11 weeks that I planned to spend 11 weeks bringing her back and hoped to compete her again in January. Dr. G thought that was a good plan.
After our appointment, it was great to take Riley for an honest to goodness walk.  We did NOT go to the railroad bed trail although we probably would have had the place to ourselves on a rainy afternoon at 2 PM.  We chose to go to a hiking spot that is private property and we spent 30 minutes on those trails.  It was so good to be doing something with her.
Institutionalized - "But I am supposed to be in here" 

Dr. G said that Riley did not have to be confined in the house anymore.  She is not the most sensible dog so there will still be some restrictions, but it will be nice to give her more freedom.