Thursday, September 29, 2011

Neglected Obstacles

I have neglected a few obstacles in Seven's agility training.  It might be that I have always neglected these obstacles, but my prior greyhounds were bolder than Seven and managed the lack of practice just fine.  The neglected obstacles are the table, tire jump, panel (solid) jump, and the chute (photo above).  The chute is definitely an issue for Seven for whatever reason. 

So I am making a big effort to include all of these obstacles in all of our training sessions.  My husband resurfaced my table.  I made a brand new tire for my tire jump.  I am draping a towel over a bar jump to create the look of a panel jump.  I am dragging the chute out of the garage for every training session.  And I am taking Seven to new places so she can experience the same, but different obstacles.  Recently, Stephen came with me to one of these practices and videoed Seven and I running an agility course.
We still have work to do, but Seven is coming along.