Friday, May 13, 2011

Frolic Fun

Last weekend, the hounds and I headed for "the farm".  I did not have any good photos of Seven running... well I do now!  The photo above was clearly the "Shot of the Day".  While I tossed a toy, my sister, Denise, took pictures.
In some of the photos, Seven looks wet because she just had a bath. 

Occasionally at agility trials, the photographer will capture me running alongside my dog and more often than not I appear awkward and weird looking.  Well, greyhounds do not always appear graceful and beautiful either.  Here are some of the funny shots.
 Riley was not the best subject, but Denise captured a few interesting shots.
We also got to meet this precious fellow.  Interestingly, that is his surrogate mother.  She carried him, gave birth to him, and is raising him, but they are not biologically related.  The mare the owner was trying to breed would not get pregnant so this was Plan B.  If I remember correctly, he is a Dutch Warmblood.
And I even rode.  I used to ride until I got out of college and dog agility stole me away.  No need to pick on my equitation.  I can see what I am doing wrong.  I am just very rusty and had not ridden in a year.
Maria, my arms look good, don't they? :-)