Monday, April 25, 2011

ORKC Agility Trial

A couple of weekends ago, Riley and I traveled to a 3-day agility trial in Harriman, Tennessee.  We were three for three in Excellent B Jumpers with three first places.  And in her first and third Jumpers runs, she ran them in 5.9 yards per second.  My greyhounds have occasionally run a course in 6 yards per second... Riley having the fastest at 6.14 yards per second once.  So I was excited to see her so close to 6 yards per second in two runs.
However, we were zero for three in the Standard class (climbing obstacles).  Riley was especially naughty in this class by not holding any of her contacts until I released her and blowing past her weave poles.  It is the only time I have ever not rewarded Riley for an agility run.
Later that evening, there was a practice agility course and an excellent opportunity to remind Riley that she is suppose to hold her contacts until she is released.  It paid off.  We were very close to qualifying on this course, but I almost ran into a jump, got in Riley's way, and it caused her to drop a bar.  She was great though.
Lastly, there is going to be a new type of agility class offered at American Kennel Club trials beginning in July (I think). It is called Time To Beat. The courses are suppose to be smooth and fast (greyhound friendly in other words). They had a practice Time To Beat course one evening and Riley won. The prize was a free entry to the next trial. Not a bad deal!