Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Accounting for Taste

Nom nom nom
On Saturday morning, I confirmed that Seven does indeed have a strange palate.  First, she turns her nose up at rabbit as if I was serving her poison, but then shows a liking for something so bizarre.
I had an unpackaged roll of PetFlex "No Chew" Bandage sitting in my First-Aid Kit.  Generally, Seven has not been an inappropriate chewer around the house, but of all things to seek and destroy she chose a bandage roll described as "bitter tasting to discourage your dog from biting and chewing the bandage".  I can attest that it does indeed taste nasty as I could not resist touching my tongue to it the first time I used it.  It worked for me and I did not go back for seconds.  It does not seem to be working as well with Seven...
 OMG this is so good! And you tried to kill me with rabbit!
By the time I found Seven, she was well on her way to making a meal of it.  Funny greyhound!  At least I have learned that in the future, if Seven needs a bandage, I need to skip the bad tasting, "No Chew" bandage and opt to rub raw rabbit on the outside of the wrap. I guarantee she would not touch it then. Ha!