Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Torturing Myself

As you know, Reagan's phobia to travel due to the sounds the vehicle makes (not carsickness) make her unable to compete in agility.  She cannot handle the daily trips to the agility field, hiking trails, or training building.  And she definitely turns inside out if we drive a great distance (i.e. agility trial).

Unfortunately, there is not much to do at the house.  The house is small and covered with slippery tile or hardwoods.  The yard is pretty much useless unless it is bone dry.  Except for late in the evening and night... I am not there.  It is not the most exciting life.

However, the husband has been really great about taking her hiking lately.  She does not like it, but she seems to fair much better in his SUV.  She hunkers down and shakes, but the ride is only about 10 minutes.  I feel so much better knowing that she is getting some decent exercise a couple of times a weeks.  Kongs, bully sticks, and Tug-A-Jugs just are not enough. 

The other day, Stephen brought her to the agility field for me.  Great chance for her to run and play fetch.  Of course, I had to torture myself by sending her through the weave poles twice.
Ahhh... such wasted talent and athleticism.  Oh well.