Monday, January 24, 2011

North Carolina Approves

We just returned from two days of agility in North Carolina and I have to say that they LOVED Riley.  I am not sure I have ever gotten so many compliments on one of my dogs.  They were gushing over her.

I am happy to report that Riley earned her first double qualifier towards her Master Agility Championship on Saturday!  Sunday didn't go quite as smoothly.  I think I need to start bringing my bike as Riley just had a little too much edge.  For example, today Riley played fetch, had 2 agility runs, and walked for an hour.  Any other greyhound would be exhausted, but Riley came home ready to wrestle and play.  Of course, the more I walk, bike, or play fetch with her, the better shape becomes, and the more energy she has.

Here is Saturday's Standard run.  She earned first place and 40 MACH points. 
Here is the second half of our Double Q.  She earned 2nd place and 21 MACH points in this Jumpers run.  I was so pleased with the opening.  There just was not a good way to lead out to make the correct tunnel entrance clear.  Lots of dogs were going into the wrong entrance.  Riley did it perfectly.  And then right after the weave poles she saved my butt.  I should have taken a few steps backwards and then front crossed, but I immediately front crossed which made the second jump completely out of line... somehow she jumped it anyway, but was way off track and at risk for doing an off course... but she did not.
We roomed with my friend, Cat, this time. Her Siberian Husky was not impressed with the greyhounds.  Matisse made lots of ugly faces, but the greyhounds ignored her. Riley did not have any hotel meltdowns, but I believe this was the quietest hotel stay ever. I think we were one of few guests that night.
Seven was obviously stressed by her first hotel stay and unable to sleep.  Okay, maybe not.  Seven was just fine and even got to sleep on the bed.
Master Agility Championship Tally: 168 MACH points, 582 to go. 1 double qualifying scores, 19 to go.

2012 Agility Nationals qualification before November 30, 2011: 168 MACH points, 232 to go. 1 double qualifying scores, 5 more to go.