Monday, December 20, 2010

MADOC Agility Trial

Riley and I traveled to an agility trial in Alabama a week ago. She was wonderful again! Such a pleasure to run!
These are the two runs Riley and I ran clean. The first was a very tricky jumpers course. There was no where to relax with challenge after challenge. She earned first place and the final leg of her Excellent Jumpers title. The second run is a Standard course and we earned a second place.

Riley is now competing at the highest level of AKC agility (Excellent B) in both classes (Standard and Jumpers). This means we can start working on her agility championship. A Master Agility Championship (MACH) is earned by accumulating 750 MACH points and 20 double qualifying scores. A MACH point is awarded for each second under the stated course time that the dog completes the course in a qualifying fashion. A double qualifying score is running clean in Standard and Jumpers in the same day.Master Agility Championship Tally: 60 MACH points, 690 to go. Zero double qualifying scores, 20 to go.
Another bonus to the weekend is that Riley did very well at the hotel. In the past, she seems to be okay for the first night and then freaks out just outside the room. This has happened at every hotel we have stayed at and she does not improve during our stay once it happens. However, this time was a freak-free stay.