Monday, October 11, 2010

Athletes Helping Athletes

On Saturday, Southeastern Greyhound Adoption hosted the third annual "Athletes Helping Athletes" 5K Race. Once again, we had great weather and a wonderful turn out. This event has become a big fundraiser for SEGA's greyhound adoption program.
One of the things that makes our 5K race unique is that we assign each human runner a running mate or greyhound. No, the greyhounds do not run the 5K, but the runner is provided with a link to the greyhound's pedigree and race info (for example, Click Here to see Katie's) and the greyhound is live and on site if the runner wishes to meet his or her running mate. Each running mate is outfitted with a large, visible name tag attached to the leash to make it easy for runners to spot. We easily have over a hundred greyhounds and their owners on site showing support. I brought Katie this time.
Before Katie could go, I had to put caps on her nails. Since she is neurological, she wears her nails on her rear feet at odd angles. Treading on asphalt would accelerate the problem so I used tiny strips of duck tape to add an outer layer to each nail.As usual, Katie made 12 years old look good and received lots of compliments.