Monday, August 16, 2010

Off Her Feet

Katie had the opportunity to swim last week in a friend's pool. I wish I could swim her everyday. Swimming is such a great way to exercise her without having to put weight on her problems.

Her right hind foot appears very painful to me. As you know, Katie recently dislocated the outside toe and we are asking her to live with it. The injured toe is not a canidate for correcting or amputating. Today, as Katie worked on her cavaletti exercises, I thought the middle toe next to the injured toe was starting to appear dislocated as well. All of the toes on that foot continue to break down. But despite how it appears, Katie is unchanged in her motivation and zest. She does all of her exercises and does not appear to be in any pain.As a 12 year old greyhound, Katie seems to feel great and looks awesome. Even after swimming, she was ready to start spinning around my friend's yard. Such a good girl!