Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hotel Weirdness

Riley handled the agility trial venue like a pro, but she had issues with the hotel. The Knights Inn is not quite as nice as the Westin that Travis and I stayed in when we traveled to California for the Agility Invitational, but he and Katie stayed in a lot of cheap hotels. We have seen broken out car windows, a drug bust, prostitutes, and tons of feral cats! Comparatively, this Knights Inn was pretty nice.

About when Riley should have settled in, she became hyper alert with her nose and ears. She seems really offended by certain smells. At times she was shaking. I thought sleeping on the bed would be a special treat. I am not sure if she liked it or would have preferred a crate. I took her for a nice walk Saturday night and it took a long time for her to calm down and just be a dog. She is a strange little greyhound. Thankfully, it never interfered with our agility trial.

Dealing with fear and phobias is definitely something I wish to avoid. I was truly spoiled with Travis and Katie. I could take them anywhere. I never gave it a second thought and didn't have to. They traveled great. They shared hotel rooms well with others. They had no separation anxiety about being left in a hotel room. I always appreciated that about Katie and Travis, but now more than ever.