Thursday, March 11, 2010


A few months ago, I gave someone some advice for the greyhound she had adopted that wasn't quite fitting in. As a thank you, she recreated the portrait above into the beautiful piece below (please excuse the wonky photo, I can't shoot straight). I was thrilled because the above photo is one of my favorites of Teresa and Jessie. I only had a 4x6 and a low quality scan. The hard copy had been ruined. Chris was able to turn it into a much larger photo.
It is called Photo to Art Print. Chris improves the sharpness, color, and quality of the photo as needed. Then depending on the colors, quality and what looks best for the subject, she makes the photo into a watercolor, sketching, or oil like art. She can also do photo restoration and enlargement.

She can create all the usual photo gifts such as mugs, tiles, mouse pads, canvas bags, cards, etc. and slide shows for events. You can email Chris Vella at