Sunday, December 6, 2009

National Geographic

In June 2006, we had a pair of house wrens built a nest in our garage, laid eggs, and raised 4 baby birds. It was a fantastic place for them. Safe and out of the weather. Everyday, we set up our camera for one hour. Here is a 4 minute clip of them growing up. We definitely found the pooping to be the most interesting. I did not realize they were potty trained.

The Cardinal at the end would attack that bathroom window several times a day for what must have been months. He was a crazy one.


Sara said...

Delightful! Mum & Dad worked really hard feeding those LARGE hungry mouths. I really enjoyed it - thanks for sharing.

Zan said...

Thanks for this very interesting post, but I'll never think of marshmallows the same way again!

Paul said...

Interesting. Never knew they pooped marshmallows.
Birds are crazy. I had a bird fly into the side of my car once while I was driving. No damage done to either of us.