Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tastes Good

That is so adorable! Reagan helps Polly Profile with her shoe. Before Polly Profile Doll left, I thought it would be fun to see how well Reagan and Riley liked small children. Turns out, they like them a lot!
Riley wonders how you get this dang wrapper off! Riley and Reagan say that babies taste good.


Mad Red Hare said...

My kids had one of those real looking baby dolls and I drug it out one day, it was a hoot. The greys at my house were chewing on the hands and dragging that thing around by the feet. Too funny!

alex said...

I am finding these posts really interesting! I have spent the better part of the last 20 years introducing dogs to babies :)
I have to imagine that the hounds can tell whether or not the doll is alive even if it makes noise, don't you think? Perhaps I am naive, but I have always assumed that the older dogs pick up on the fact that the babies are the "pups" of the family pack, but like with older children my biggest concern has always been jealousy.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Alex, I'm sure you have lots of experience with kids and dogs with your big family. :-)

First, you would never introduce the doll on the ground like I did with mine. But if you are respecting the doll, holding it, and are caring about it.... a dog with good social skills should respect the doll also. I think the interesting part of it is that dogs with very high toy drive are not reacting to the doll as if it was a toy. Riley is very toy motivated and very impulsive. But when I introduced her to the 2nd doll properly and held it like a baby, she did not behave as if it was a toy. She never put her mouth on it. Even if she was not sure if it was real or not... she erred on the side of caution and controled her impulse to treat it like a toy (a positive).

The thing is if you had a very impulsive, high prey drive greyhound snatch a baby doll out of your arms..... would you really feel comfortable introducing the dog to the real thing? Or worse... a first time adopter or dog owner. It just helps us get to know these strange, adult greyhounds a little better. Not foolproof, of course.


Anonymous said...

Our boys are older now (10 and 12) but we had dogs (not greyhounds) before we had our children. We used scent as an initial way to introduce them to the baby, well before we ever let them near the real thing. As Jennifer said, we never let the baby on the floor with them, and they quickly learned to respect the baby based on our behavior. Even with dogs I know are ok with children, we always err on the side of caution when children approach our hounds. I wonder what they would have done if the doll had stuffing :).

Lisa S.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Lisa reminded me of something else. We are planning to bring some sort of clothing or blanket from home each time we profile. Something that the doll can be wrapped in that smells human. Living at the kennel will likely make it her smell like a kennel :-). I'll update you guys once we have profiled some greyhounds. I have only played around with my own thus far.


jeanna said...

I wonder if she tastes like chicken? Oh, I'm sorry. Is this forum supposed to be serious? These pictures are a hoot. Thanks for sharing them, Jen.