Monday, August 31, 2009

More New Weave Poles

Yes, this is my second purchase of weave poles in less than a year. My last agility trial was 429 days ago. Can you believe that? Since then, there have been some some changes. AKC is allowing weave poles spaced 24 inches to be used in agility trials now. Most dogs and handlers prefer the larger spacing. A couple of extra inches reduces the stress on canine spines especially in large dogs. Most of the local clubs in my area have already replaced their weave poles with the new 24 inch variety. I decided to keep up with the Joneses when I realized I was practicing on weave poles spaced only 20 inches. There is quite a difference (see below).
Here is Riley trying the new weave poles for the first time. She did much better than I expected. She has struggled with weave poles more than any of my other agility greyhounds (except Jes and Teresa who had an idiot trainer :-). Riley appears to get left behind so I thought more space would leave her even further behind. However, I saw the opposite effect. After a couple of passes, Riley appears to be more organized and methodical on the 24 inch weaves. I'm so thrilled I sound like a Billy goat!

Here is Reagan. She did as I expected. I think once she gets used to them she will appreciate the additional space. Reagan often looks a little squashed when she drives through smaller spacing. These weave poles should allow for her to really drive through them.


BrittBeah said...

Riley looks so graceful going through the weaves. Most greys I've seen look kinda like Reagan. Glad that everyone is getting on the ban wagon for wider spacing on the weaves. Our longer dogs can really use the extra help.

Tasha said...

those are awesome! JoJo's learning to weave now, and our weave poles leave much to be desired. I'm envious, once again!

Any suggestions where to get or how to make weave poles?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Katie and Travis learned to weave on homemade PVC weave poles and they both weaved very well. You can search for instructions on the internet. That is definitely the cheapest option. And if you do not glue them, you can open them up so they create a "V" or Weave-O-Matics.

A year ago, I would have said Weave-O-Matics method is best, but Riley really needs the guides and Reagan learned to weave on channel weaves.

I'd tell you to start with the homemade, inexpensive option first. Then go from there. I think some folks have had good success for stick-in-the-ground versions also.